Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tweet Of The #bcpoli Week


The winner this week, hands down, comes our way from the ultimate free-lancer, Tom Hawthorn.

I mean, all the stuff that was going on inside The Province last week was one thing, but that cover was pretty much "When did you stop b**ting your w**fe?"-type garbage papered-over with galloping tabby drag.

And while the Tabby-In-Chief may think he's running with the bulls with this crap, it would appear that he's actually covering himself with it instead.

The crap, I mean.


For the record, the image in the tweet was allegedly snapped by Ian Bailey's cell phone...Or some such thing.
And, just in case you missed it...The best (non)running-dog Storification of the Week was put together by Laila (scroll down)...



Anonymous said...

Hi Ross,
yup, it's going to be the dirtiest provincial election ever, at least on the part of the BC Liberals.

From misleading tabloid front pages with scary headlines and scary pictures (as above with the Province) to scurrilous headlines (today's Mop&Pail) to vulgar tweets (Bill Bennett tweeting about the "NDP turds" last night) to non-stop partisan ads hyping the BC Liberals and paid with taxpayers' money.

We sure need an active engaged citizenry and bloggers like you to give our province a fighting chance.


RossK said...


Mr Tsakumis and I have had our differences.

But I've got to admit...That piece he wrote last week about the in-and-out scandal that wasn't was used very effectively as pushback by a lot of folks...And very soon thereafter the proMedia folks cottoned on. I think this effectively neutralized the screamers like Mr. Bennett and the shillophants on the Twittmachine...I'm not sure things would have gone that way in 2009 (see the IPP flyover flap with C. James, for example, that was easily wurlitzered by the screamers and the shillophants).