Sunday, March 03, 2013

Clark Watch 3000...The Spincycle Keeps Cranking...

...From inside the non-emergency, emergency cabinet meeting.


Meanwhile, paid ampli-spinner calls it 'delightful'.

Is it any wonder that these fine folks aren't actually governing?



Eleanor Gregory said...

Mr. Bennett should at least give credit to Mark Twain for the borrowed phrase.

Anonymous said...

I guess now that 'she-who-shall-not-be-named' the elected BC Liberal MLAs are being allowed to use their phones during meetings - there is a fresh wind on the waterfront tonight!

RossK said...


As one of the Twitterati noted...perhaps he actually meant to end that line with 'anticipated'.



Was right before breakup of meeting and he was then first out the doors to be photographed...Looks to me like, perhaps the good Mr. Bennett might be getting ready to rumble with Cookie Dough Mike for the post-election spoils...Of course, if CClark goes down, all bets are off for them.


Anonymous said...

Is this the Bennett whose kin struck it lucky with the BC Bottle Refund Account and immediately declared a $5million dividend for the family when the Lieberals took over? It was reported in the papers but seems to have vanished from archives. Any help out there?