Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Old Guy Music For E.



Update: Decided to move this back up to the top of the heap just for the heck of it (and because the listens are actually massive for this little F-Troop List Blog)...Thanks for all the feedback...Surprisingly lots of folks seem to like the patter between the songs...I really was just doing this for Bigger E...But it gives me a pod idea which I'll try and get to work on soon...

Last Saturday was beautiful in Lotusland.

So, the Whackadoodle and I went to the beach for awhile in the afternoon.

Later, C. and littler e. went to see that Silver Linings Playbook movie.

So the Whackadoodle, who was exhausted, and I worked on our new set.

Best acoustics in the house are right in front of the piano in the living room, where the sound is nice and full, so I did nothing to this really except to add a little compression to get the levels up and relatively even. Didn't even smooth anything over with noise reduction.

It's all one long, somewhat shambolic take.

And it's really only meant for E. so she can get an idea of some new stuff  that we could maybe do when she gets home.

So feel free to ignore it all if you like....

Here's the track list, for anybody whose interested...
1. Big Mistake - Tim Fite
2. Harvest Moon - Neil
3. Thank God For The TVA - Jason Isbell
4. Cedars - Dan Mangan
5. I Don't Know - Lisa Hannigan
6. Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root
7. Song For Beer - RossK & Mr. Beer 'N Hockey
8. Ho Hey - The Lumineers



scotty on Denman said...

'tis a fine shambolie; I particularly dig "track" 5. Thank you.


scotty on Denman said...

Keep on Rockin'!

RossK said...

Thanks Scotty--

And if you dig Track 5....

Check out the following...

It will absolutely, positively knock your socks...



scotty on Denman said...

Dude! She's a joy!

RossK said...

Yup...As is the gang she rides with.


paul said...

Took me a long time to download in slow connection land, but damn, pretty good. Song for Beer is a fave, and Hey Ho. Nice guitar work. Going on the iPod.

RossK said...

Geez Paul...On the IPod?!...Let me send you those two last two tunes individually so you don't have to listen to all the blather every time.

Have been working pretty hard on getting the guitar playing a notch or two above rudimentary.