Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)....Beneath The Valley Of UltraTurdstorms, Part Deux.


While there's nothing about it on his Twittmachine feed, apparently Mr. Bill Bennett, the Minister for Culture (seriously), has apologized to the members of the Opposition for calling them 'turds'.

Hansard to follow.

Now if only he would apologize to, you know...

His constituents.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering....Apparently the ghost of Bennett, the WACky One, did have something to say about all of this on his Twittmachine feedbag.
Finally, there is absolutely no truth to the scurrilous and egregiously outrageous rumour, that may or may not have been started by our old friend Great Auntie Bertha, that Gordie Hogg has taken to calling Mr. Bennett 'Turdblossom' 'round the ol' caucus room watercooler...



Red faced Liberal said...

There is nothing wrong with being a turd. Its when assholes spew diarhea from both ends that gets smelly. Bennett, have another beer and change your depend. You stink. You are an embarassment to our riding and should not waste any money trying to get re-elected. Christy this is one of your choices for a cabinet minister. Shame on you also. You really no how to pick them. My prediction is our party will not win one seat in the next election, and we are getting what we deserve.

RossK said...


Give us a few sentences of what you want from your party.

Not joking...I really would like to know because I can go a long way towards the (true) middle if there is no grifting/crony-crap going on.