Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Have Seen The New Future Of Rock 'N Roll, And Her Name Is...

....Ritzy Bryan!

Still not convinced?

Well, then...


Ms. Bryan and her band of formidably joyful musical accomplices actually start the left coast portion of their tour tomorrow night...They will arrive in Lotusland next Tuesday to play in a venue the size of which I do not believe they will soon be seen in again...



Dana said...

I'll see your Ritzy Bryan and raise you a Coco Sumner.

Yeah. Gordon and Trudy's daughter.

double nickel said...

I'm convinced.

RossK said...

Thanks Dana!

There is, of course, always more than one possible future.


Well, if I can convince you I think the TJF are in good shape.


scotty on Denman said...

Hell Ya !
Fascinating sound texture, creamy noisey, islandishly blocky, buzz-hop beat...(at first--and not last--listen).

Thanx, Ross; gonna have fun fitting this on the genre tree.

I know of a powerful lead she-vocalist who'd rock even more with a set of drums like TJF's harpist got there, gonna blow it by her. Big Mama Thornton had the same; comin' back? Apparently in the new future.