Friday, April 26, 2013

A Question That Did Not Come Up In The Radio Debate...


Is one that Bob Mackin tried to ask Ms. Clark in the post-debate presser.

Unfortunately Mr. Mackin was (surprise!) ignored by press-sec Ben Chin.

Something could really be happening here, me thinks.

And, if it is, it looks to be hidden deep underground in an effort to make it possible to push it through at the last second just before the election.

So, with that in mind, I wonder if...

1) This is the real reason for the Dippers' announcement this week to review and consider the privatization of PAVCO assets.

2) This will soon turn the ground under the serial obfuscator's feet to quicksand?

Regarding the ignoring of Mr. Mackin's raised hand by the good Mr. Chin....Shades of Helen Thomas?



Mark said...

Ross, I think there's fish in the Pavco Pond. Considering that liberal lapdogs Anton and Fassbender are entrenched to pass anything controversial and all FOI requests are being stymied. Fassbender made a cryptic comment yesterday when he said that BC Place may have had financial problems in the past but we need to look to the future for profitability (Global BCTV News @ 6). My old Clusoe nose started to twitch in light of Bob Mackin's query today. Something's up. Liberals are desperate for cash.

RossK said...


And 'Quick Wins'.