Friday, April 26, 2013

Why Isn't The Media's Story Regarding The 'Timing' Of Adrian Dix' Decision On Kinder Morgan About...

...How Both Christy Clark And Michael Smyth Got It Wrong?

As was made clear, on the Twittmachine by the proMedia member who wrote the original story, the Globe's Justine Hunter (after a first assist from Lindsay Kines of the VTC)...


Here are links one and two to the conversations pasted in above...
And kudos, I guess, to Mr. Smyth actually copping to being wrong after he was called out on his lack of reading comprehension skills a second time...As for Ms. Clark?...Well...You know...



Grant G said...

I was at an all candidates meeting in north Burnaby last night..

pipeline opposition is the story, Richard Lee booed, NDP`s Jane Rutledge got roaring applause all night..

It`s the pipeline..That is the issue.

chuckstraight said...

Maybe it`s time for Mr Smyth to retract in the newspaper, not just Twitterland.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that there are folks doing MSM reporting who are rational and balanced. Justine Hunter is one of those 95% of the time or better...well hey, no one is perfect.

I only wish there were more..

RossK said...

Thanks for the info Grant--

I went to the screening of Sean Holman's doc last night...'Twas good...

Sean will be showing it in Victoria tonight at Vic Theatre @ 7:00pm.



Did his gaffe make it into The Province?



I agree, and have said same a number of times.

Here is one recent example.


Anonymous said...

Really, who cares when he made up his mind, there is a hell of a lot of rot that needs to be discussed before we worry about the time line of a politicians decision.


RossK said...


I do not disagree.


The point is that this was screamed from the media rooftops all day long...In fact, in some quarters it was given more play than Ms. Clark's continued obfuscations on matters of true import.

And things got even worse when Mr. Dix tried to defend himself by using the truth (i.e. what Ms. Hunter actually wrote in her Globe piece). Heckfire, even Harvey Oberfeld was bamboozled in the process.



G West said...

Well, I'd have to say this about that Ross - it doesn't seem to take much to bamboozle Harvey O these days! I have a sense that Harv is a little challenged when it comes to the written word. Having spent most of his journalistic career with a microphone in his hand he has some problems when it comes to making a sensible argument. You can have a look at his claim that Dix is a flip flopper over at his shop for an excellent illustration of this phenomenon.

RossK said...


It is pretty amazing how all this blew up when the actual sentence that was first 'misunderstood' by Ms Clark and then a number of fine folks in the press is actually right at the top of Ms. Hunter's lede.

I note that even the usually very reliable Rob Shaw piled on on the Twittmachine.