Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Is Mr. Shepard Hiding The Fact That He Is Running CC4BC?


Or was that just the intention of the Vancouver Sun's Op-Ed page overlords?

What am I going on about this time?


On Monday Mr. Shepard had an Op-Ed in the VSun extolling the virtures of Mr. David Black's Kitimat refinery proposal.

You know the one that is being pumped by Christy Clark and is being vigorously defended by the likes of Rich Coleman against any and all commie-pinko, enviro-reality checkisms, so much so that anyone who wonders about any aspect of the actual logistics of the thing must somehow hate British Columbia, business, jobs, dogwood trees and everything that WAC Bennett ever stood for, but not necessarily in that order.

Or some such thing.

Anyway, that is neither here nor there given the boosterism in Mr. Shepard's OpEd.

What was interesting though is that at the end of the piece the VSun identified Mr. Shepard thusly.

"Jim Shepard is the former CEO of Finning and Canfor."


No mention at all of what the good Mr. Shepard is actually doing right here and right now.

Interesing, that.




Anonymous said...

The Kitimat refinery is simply the straw dog put up to justify and enable the construction of the bitumen pipeline.
Given the go-ahead to build the pipeline, the economic rationale for a refinery will suddenly evaporate.

Why in the world would you tanker in condensate to Kitimat, pump it through a new pipeline east to
Alberta, blend it with bitumen, then pump it back by a new pipeline west to Kitimat, refine it, then tanker it overseas? Way cheaper and far less hazardous to refine it in Alberta and pump the oil products west to wherever it can be used or exported accordingly.

Anonymous said...

^ I think because oil refining takes a fair amount of water, which is running short in the Edmonton/MacMurray areas..

Anonymous said...

It sure makes you wonder how Finning and Canfor managed to survive AND GROW with that kind of mentality leading them.
Or perhaps he's developed Altzeimers. Shees
John's Aghast!

Anonymous said...

Ask Jim about BC Rail....wasn't he on the board of directors at the time?

Strange how those involved want to keep the NDP from getting into power and calling that "nasty" judicial enquiry into that hoped for long forgotten, (read...messy) scandal.

Should be quite a show when Jim and a few of the other "special" folks take the stand......