Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nevermind BC Rail...Here's What Really Has Ms. Clark's Wizards Worried Today.


Mario Canseco of Angus Reid has the data and he's mainlined it straight into his Globe pipeline.

Here's a small chunk of the thing (careful; don't use up your monthly allotment too soon*):

....This week, after British Columbians had a chance to explore two different points of view, it appears that the rosy picture of a province without a deficit is actually regarded as a mirage. Only one in four respondents to our poll (23 per cent) think that the Liberal forecast of a $197-million budget surplus in the 2013/14 fiscal year, and a $211-million surplus in 2014/15 – made possible by revenues from natural gas royalties and asset sales – is believable. In stark contrast, half of respondents (50 per cent) think the B.C. NDP is closer to reality on this file, after the party’s financial specialists estimated a deficit of $790-million for the 2013/14 fiscal year and $847-million for 2014/15.

Even more troubling for the B.C. Liberals is the fact that many voters who supported Gordon Campbell in 2009, and consistently saw him as a better economic manager than then-rival Carole James, are not entirely sold on the numbers offered by the current government. The surplus forecast resonates with only 49 per cent of the people who voted for the Liberals in 2009. Simply put, half of the voter base that propelled Mr. Campbell to a third majority mandate, in an election held less than a year after the greatest financial crisis in generations, is looking at the current government’s budget predictions with unease. Conversely, four in five NDP voters in 2009 think that their party’s views on the budget, sombre as they may be, are in tune with reality....


There you have it.

Even folks who would love to believe the fiction of Christy and Co. just can't quite bring themselves to do so.

*The pattern is that this type of foreshadowy wurlitzering results in a full release a day or two later...So if want just hang on and a full report is likely to show up on the AReid site soon.
Detailed Dipper financial plan supposed to be coming down tomorrow...
And about that subheader....This!


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