Friday, April 26, 2013

The Super-Secret Standing Eight-Count In The Radio Debate?...It Was Caused By A Roundhouse Right On The Killing Of The Therapeutics Initiative.


First, I must fully credit Bill Good on this one.

Because he wheeled and, out of nowhere,  threw a haymaker by asking Christy Clark why she killed the Therapeutics Initiative.

As Ms. Clark knees began to buckle she offered up a very weak right jab about how she was respecting the wishes of the 'private sector'.

This only made things worse because...

Mr. Good immediately came in close and let an uppercut fly....'But who benefits?' he asked (from Ms. Clark's killing of the initiative).

In response to this Jane Sterk jumped into the ring, took the tag and dropped a pile driver.... 'She just said it!' Ms. Sterk quipped....Sterk then turned to the crowd and let them know that it is Big Pharma who benefits...Finally, as she ducked back through the ropes on her way back out of the ring Ms. Sterk  explained why (i.e. removal of independent review to give Big Pharma shillophants a free rein) and how the killing of the initiative is a betrayal to all British Columbians.

Adrian Dix then administered the coup de grace when he said that the TI saves taxpayer money as well as lives...Dix then clearly stated (as Mr. Good had already inferred) that he and his government would resurrect the initiative and increase its funding.

Can't quite remember what the killing of the Therapeutics Initiative is all about and why it matters?....See this.



Mark said...

I agree that abandoning the TI initiative was a defining moment as well as the Moody's approved balanced budget myth thingy. Why does she persist in this outright lie? Even Stephen Smart & the CBC are calling her out on this one.

Ron S. said...

I think if she was asked who benefits from all the things this government has done since 2001, the answer would be the same with a slight variation on some of the asinine things they have done. It might go like this, "Ms. Clark waffled but did refer obliquely to the fact that she and her government were, in part, respecting the wishes of the 'private sector', our stooges and friends".

RossK said...



These are matters of both import (the killing of the TI) and serial obfuscation (the raising of the false flag of credit rating agency 'evaluation').

And yet the press is all over Mr. Dix because he had the temerity to challenge Ms. Clark's oft-repeated claim about when he made his decision about Kinder Morgan...Clark then cited a Globe article by Justine Hunter....Soon thereafter Ms. Hunter herself, on the Twittmachine in response to bogus crap from Michael Smyth, made it clear that it was Ms. Clark who was incorrect....And yet the press still goes on and on on this trivial point that Ms. Clark was, once again, wrong about...Maybe Dix should have just made a fashion faux-pas or something so that these ridiculous people would be chasing that shiny bauble instead.



Except that, in this case, there was a very specific benefactor to the cronyism, and Ms. Sterk identified it.

And, just to reiterate here, this is not a crony capitalist decision with an essentially trivial impact (ie. this is not just about handing wads of our money to friends like, say, when they gave a ridiculous subsidy to a big brewery).


Because, as the Victoria Times Colonist made clear in a scathing editorial two years ago when the TI was first mortally wounded by Gordon Campbell, this initiative also saves lives.

(Sorry to get so rantful but this really does matter...because this is about the killing of something that is evidence-based so that the cronies can more easily, and more fully, influence medical decisions by filling doctors' offices with their shillophantic swill)


Mark said...

I'm listening to Justine Hunter's confirmations on the Simi Sara show right now. Mike Smyth looks really bad on this one, especially after releasing all his smart-ass tweets. Sadly, I used to be read his columns all the time. No mas. Families first has now become "Pfisers First!"

RossK said...

Thanks Mark.

I have a new post, upthread, on the KMorgan conflaguration...

(please note that Mr. Smyth was actually called out by Lindsay Kines of the VTC before Ms Hunter herself also weighed in)