Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Morning Ride


Last night, on the ride home, I stopped here to watch the (not quite yet) kids of summer doing their thing on the ball field for a few minutes.

As I turned to leave I noticed a lady hunched over the water fountain in the image.

And her little dog was standing in the fountain's basin drinking from the spout.

I almost asked her if she would do the same thing at home in her kitchen sink.

But I stopped my self short when I realized that she probably would have answered 'yes'.



Riding back to work this morning I decided to count lawn signs between Balaclava and Blanca on 13th and 12th avenues.

It was 22 to 5 in favour of Eby (over Clark) which kind of puts to rest Peter Ladner's comment in Jeff Lee's VSun piece this morning in which the good Mr. Ladner said that he doubted Mr. Eby would win because, if he's known in Point Grey at all, it's for working with poor people in the Downtown Eastside.


Don't know about you, but Mr. Ladner's comments sure read like a coded 'How dare one of the great unwashed try to take over Creme-de-la-Creme Ville'-type statement to me.

Furthermore, it's almost as if Mr. Ladner doesn't actually know that, if not for a little lunchtime 'get out the vote' chicanery and a few very late-breaking polls, Mr. Eby likely would have won the recent by-election in the riding.

Of course, lawn signs don't really mean much in terms of actual voter support...But given where my sampling was done this morning (i.e. this was NOT deep Kits) it, at the very least, suggests that Mr. Eby has a strong ground game going in Pt. Grey.



scotty on Denman said...

Sign counts are fun but inaccurate; f'instance, I know of about a dozen NDPers on my street but there's only one sign, mine. My buddy was in Courtenay on Monday, says the place is astoundingly plastered with BC Liberal signs (Don McRae really needs to keep his pension hopes and neo-right jockeying position alive) and a conspicuous dearth of NDP signs (not many Greens, BTW), which makes me think of the BCL canadidate from Whistler...Nah, Don wouldn't do anything like what's-his-face did to Anti-HST signs during the referendum, would he? I sure hope not.

RossK said...

Fair enough scotty--

I really only wanted put the signs in to on contrast Mr. Ladner's most interesting statement to Mr. Lee.

And I suppose it is worth considering the possibility that are likely some folks in upper west Cremeville who are kind of sheepish about putting any Clarkian signage on their lawns but whom might still pull the lever for her in secret.

Eby's real advantage here...Neither the Con nor, especially, the Greeniac are strong here...The pull of the previous Greeniac here, a Mr. Kettlewell actually helped the Gord in this riding, especially in 2005.


Eleanor Gregory said...

I appreciate your occasional photo shots like this one. Reminds me that I haven't gone for a dog walk in that neighbourhood lately and I should and I did this afternoon. Beautiful blossoms, budding leaves, all that nature stuff.

RossK said...

Eleanor -


And I'm so glad they saved the Little League diamond on the other side of the park.