Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dipper Candidate Gone...How Deep Will The Wizards Troll?


I used to spend some time on the Tyee's comment threads, but I stopped because things are so vicious there with many an apparent operative working the refs amongst the citizenry trying to be heard above the babble.

I have a theory about that kind of stuff.

And it has to do with the lack of true interaction by the writers of posts on proBlogs.

And no, comment moderators who are looking only to stamp-out libel and obscenity are not the same thing.


There can be no doubt that the stuff that the fired Dipper candidate in Kelowna wrote on a comment thread was awful.

But to be unearthed from a couple of 'Castenet' community blog-threads from 2009 based only on a first name tag?


It looks like the Wizards sure are doing some deep sea trolling.



Grant G said...

Ross K..I`m glad this came out right away, the BC Liberals could have waited 2 weeks..

No doubt the NDP checked this woman out, however, unless this Woman came clean how could anyone have known she was a racist/bigot..

I read her comments, they were disgusting, and yes Ross, if SHE DID NOT make the comments, stay on, the fact she quickly resigned, or was asked to resign and accepted is an admittance of guilt.

Remember the young Mr. Kim resigning over grasping a breast?...

He shouldn`t have resigned, who hasn`t grasped a breast as a youth?..Or at least WANTED to grasp a breast?

Yes, the comments were made in 2009..

But the mindset that felt that way remains.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

There was no-one more vile to the F.N. than the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper.

Campbell and Harper signed a sneak deal behind our backs, before Campbell was kicked out of office. The deal permitted Harper to force the Enbridge pipeline into BC, whether the F.N. and the rest of us opposed the pipeline or not? Campbell signed away our Enviro-asses and, to hell with the F.N.and their food sources.

Campbell also refused to exempt the F.N. from the HST scam, that both Harper and Campbell forced onto all of us.

Who permitted, the filthy diseased fish farms, killing off our wild Salmon? The Salmon are a staple food for F.N.

Who sold our BC rivers, to put asinine dams in them? Killing fish and destroying important Salmon runs?

There are very few people in BC, that appreciates the F.N. being trod upon nor, called names. We attend protests with the F.N. We are supporting the F.N...with their battle against the dirty fish farms. We are supporting the F.N...with their fight against, the Enbridge pipeline. Scores of us, sign petitions for the F.N. We support F.N. to save, the Great Bear Rain Forests.

Everyone I know, respects the F.N. for their contributions, towards this Province. F.N. are, the unpaid stewards of BC's eco-systems. Gawd knows what kinds of, pollution atrocities, would have been inflicted upon BC, without the F.N?

Christy is a fine one to talk? She called us the Taliban...Right over a radio station, for all to hear.

F.N. of BC, get the most support from a Province, than all the other Provinces, put together. Many of us recognized, Chief Spence was speaking for all of us.

What has Christy done, for the BC F.N?

Anonymous said...

Great questions Anon 2:08pm!!!

Hopefully we'll get the chance to ask them of CC and the BC Liberals during the election campaign.