Thursday, April 11, 2013

But... Without The HST How Will We Pay For Programs?


Now never mind that 'revenue neutral' dodge that quickly fell away as all kinds of pundits and Gordian political uncles of influence, not to mention the various and assorted sundry 'digital influencers', constantly asked how we could possibly pay for things if we didn't institute a massive tax shift that went from corporations straight onto the backs of those who would feel it most.


The Dippers have started to unroll their fiscal plan and it is clear that they are saying that we can start to do it by:

1) Making big corporations pay just a tad more (thanks Cookie Dough Mike for opening that door!)

2) Making polluters pay for actually, you know, polluting.

3) Making those that can actually afford it to pay a little more progressively.

Sound crazy and radical?

Of course not.

And as for all that taking away of the swagger, etc....

Well, personally, I really don't give a hoot-in-heckfire about all that.

Of course that doesn't mean that the reactionary, not to mention screaming, headlines haven't already started.

Interestingly, however, the 'influencers' are strangely silent.


Wonder what the 'talking points' that were issued from the Wizards' bunker said about all that this morning.

Which has me wondering....

Are they still sending them freely to the Dean?

The 'talking points' I mean.

Update: 6:00pm Thursday...I note, with interest, that it would appear that the memo has now gone out to the flack-hackery....It's doom!....Doom I tell you!...Credit rating will crash!...'Cause, you know...Reality is crazy-talk...
BTW...The CBC's Rene Filliponi does know that Board of Trade spokethingy-prez guy Iain Black was very recently a BCL cabinet member, right?...Reminds me of the days when one of the denizens of Spam-A-Lot was called a 'resident' of Vancouver by the Ceeb when he immediately started trashing Vision (Snowmaggedon!) in the wake of the demise of the Smilin' Sammy regime...



James King said...

Heading to a meeting at UVic tonight with Adrian and the Lower Island candidates - I'll let you know what's being said when I get home.

RossK said...

Excellent - thanks JK.

Anybody else going to candidate-type deals...feel free to let us know what's up.


James King said...

Several points:
a. commitment firmed up to a program to address the costs of education and training for young people and those rendered redundant who would benefit from new training;
b. commitment to extend reach of carbon taxation to the oil and gas industry - my legal advisor tells me this will probably require new legislation since the current tax is based upon a sales tax model;
c. commitment to begin to address inequality through an increase in the large corporation tax rate, a reintroduction of the capital tax and an increase in the top marginal rate of tax for individuals with taxable incomes in excess of $150G;
d. commitment to begin to use at least some of the revenue generated by the carbon tax to enhance green initiatives of one kind or another;
e. a firm commitment to an immediate withdrawl from the current government's adoption of the federal environmental review decision on the Enbridge pipeline.
f. moves to revitalize the shipbuilding industry and address the forgotten forest industry in the province;
g. commitment to enhanced support for BC farmers and BC agriculture...
h. continued promise to run a respectful campaign based on a firm and completely costed platform without negative ads and personal attacks;
i. commitment to the democratic principle that every voter has a right to hear from all parties and their leaders and make their own choices in a democratic way.

RossK said...

Thanks JK!