Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Did The Dippers' PAVCO Announcement Send Shivers Down The Spines Of The Wild Casino Boys?


Here, straight from their website, is what the Dippers had to say about PAVCO and it's biggest white elephant, BC Place, this morning:

BC NDP leader Adrian Dix said today that an NDP government would establish an external team of private sector and community leaders to plan for the long-term viability of debt-plagued BC Pavilion Corporation, including the sale of BC Place stadium. The panel will also be asked to ensure other public assets managed by the Crown Corporation are operated efficiently.
“BC Place and the Trade and Convention Centre are symbols of the mismanagement and misplaced priorities of the BC Liberals,” said Dix. “Massive cost overruns on construction and renovations, along with a bungled naming rights deal, have saddled taxpayers with a mountain of debt...
{snippety doo-dah}
...PAVCO, which has accumulated $1.2 billion in debt including the cost of the $514 million retractable roof, projects operating losses of nearly $60 million over the next three years.
Dix said the blue-ribbon external team would have the following mandate, and be asked to report back within 90 days:

  • make recommendations to government on the ownership of PAVCO assets, including the sale of BC Place Stadium;
  • assess and make recommendations on the operations of PAVCO with the near-term objective of increasing revenue from operations and reducing losses; and
  • continue to support the long-term viability of the BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps sports franchises.

  • Dix committed that any revenue from the possible sale of BC Place would be applied to pay down taxpayer-supported debt on the renovation project.

    Spend-O-Meter, indeed.



    What's this about Casino Boys 'n stuff in the header to the post?

    Well, it is my opinion, based on the evidence at hand so far, that the massive cost of the BC Place roof and renovations was actually intentional.


    Because such costs could then be used to justify a massive Casino-Industrial-Complex land/life-jacking in downtown Lotusland.


    Interestingly, one of the folks who did the most to stop the land/life jack, Sandy Garrossino noted, just the other day on the Twittmachine, that there were whispers of a PAVCO-assisted C-I-Complex resurrection in the winds...



    Grant G said...

    From John Cummins.



    Politics can make for strange bedfellows, and the NDP and the B.C. Conservative party find themselves on the same side on the issue.

    Conservative leader John Cummins has long considered the provincial investment a government subsidy.

    The Conservatives would sell the naming rights to the stadium and set a fall 2016 deadline for the Crown agency to be self-sustaining.

    “There should be no need to have taxpayers prop up Pavco,” Cummins said in a statement.

    “It’s currently a dumping ground for Liberal insiders and cronies. They seem to have no desire to protect taxpayers’ dollars.”

    Cummins pointed out that Pavco board member Suzanne Anton and board chairman Peter Fassbender are running on the Liberal slate.

    Read more:



    Grant G said...


    scotty on Denman said...

    Lovin' this more every day! Love Christy's righteous indignation: how dare Adrian Dix entertain selling off a public asset without rigging...oops, I mean finding... a buyer first?

    Great shot, Mr Dix, gone be fun watching the BC Liberals bobble this one.

    RossK said...

    Thanks Grant--



    But we've got to remember that there are also real issues, completely unrelated to Stunt-O-Meters, that we need to keep our eyes on.




    cfvua said...

    And then when a buyer can't be located, auction it off! What could the liberals say. That's how they chose to embarrass their opponents while casting taxpayers interests aside. Although we needed the ferries whether they functioned or not, the roof was not required and the renovation only served as a pork barrel operation and support for some casino slick talkers pipe dream. A simple repair would have sufficed.

    kootcoot said...

    I suggest that the NDP, to embarrass the LIEberals ala fast cats, disassemble BC Place and PAY to ship it to Dubai.

    After all, who would buy it for any significant amount of money?

    motorcycleguy said...

    We could strap 2 German ferries together catamaran style and ship it whole with boats included....customer pays the fuel bill.

    RossK said...

    koot & mcg--

    Great idea!

    But who pays for the propwash damage to Dubai docks when big Cat carrying magic carpet arrives?


    Anonymous said...

    The BC libs pay for the prop wash damage...they have to be liable for something...look T the mess the provinces finance's are in?

    RossK said...


    Or, maybe whatever is left in CC4BC war chest could be used to help 'privatize' the magic carpet?

    cfvua said...

    If dock repairs necessary SNC-Gwynalin could be sent over. Not that busy now(after election)and they aren't likely to need World Bank financing there!

    RossK said...


    Gwynneth Paltrow is working for the Christy Party Party now, too?

    Who'd a thunk it.


    motorcycleguy said...

    grooming for the position was at the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education in Vancouver...seriously....along with some other pretty interesting high profile insiders