Monday, April 15, 2013

Credit Downgrades And All That: Fact Checking The Fact Checkers


This morning, CBC British Columbia released a 'fact check' report in which they clearly demonstrated that Christy Clark was flat out wrong/lying about credit downgrades in the 1990's.

Which is fine as far as it goes.

But then the unbylined piece did a little egregious editorializing and threw out some bizarre 'facts' of its own.

The Sixth Estate  has called BS on both:

...(I)t’s the following rampant editorializing which got me ticked with the effort. It seems that the anti-NDP bias is so pervasive in the news media that even when they’re printing “fact-checking” columns defending the NDP from Liberal fictions, they still can’t help injecting a little dig about how the NDP are horrible money managers (unlike, say, Liberal premier Clark, who has yet to balance a budget):
"While the 1990s is a decade the New Democrats hope voters forget, it’s one the B.C. Liberals want them to remember."
Actually, given that the whole excuse for this “fact-checking” column was that the Liberals are lying about the NDP’s financial record, it would seem as though the 1990s is a decade the Liberals are hoping voters forget.
Which shouldn’t be too hard, since voters have 90% of the news media eagerly helping them out in this task.
CBC then closes with a statement that itself is in need of a fact-checking review:
"It wasn’t until 2006, after the fallout from 9-11 and the U.S. housing crisis, that Gordon Campbell’s Liberal government earned B.C. an AAA credit rating."



I'm sorry to keep bringing this up, but....

All you will ever need to shove any and all corrosive codswallop about the 1990's back down a BCL Party propagandist's throat is that final scorecard from his Gordness' own 'Progress Board'.


Of course, you won't be able to shove any codswallop back down the corp-cash-guilded gullet of CC4BC because, as of today, it is totally and completely kaput...No website or even a Twittmachine feed remains...I mean, even though it was killed by Ms. Clark, at least the Progress Board still has a shell of a website, for the record...Why?...I dunno for sure...Maybe so you can go and see just how many commie-pinkos were on its board at the end.



scotty on Denman said...

I noticed CBC's Forsythe cut short a phone-in when the caller was exposed as a BC Liberal shill rote ruminating about the "disaster of the 90s"; I'd come to expect the normally fair Mr Forsythe to correct that notion by simply referring to the factual sources which refute it; unfortunately he didn't even question it. Oh well, at least the caller wasn't invited to expand on this worn out BC Liberal canard. Still, I was disappointed.

The G&M's another matter entirely, steadily and unabashedly publishing more anti-NDP propaganda as successive waves of readers are banished beyond the flaming sword for eating of the Tree of Knowledge; soon their pay-walled fantasy garden will be depopulated of readers who can think for themselves. (As the ethic-cleansing zealously proceeds, the missing fruits of the Tree of Life apparently go unnoticed.) Their comment forum for the article about BC4CC closing shop was quickly closed without explanation and all trace of the article ever having been published eradicated shortly after. MSM's making a big bed for an even bigger sleep.

North Van's Grumps said...

Followed your "at the end" link

Mea Culpa time Rossk? You're kidding me aren't you? On the Progress Board there is a Jim Shepard, past CEO of Canfor.... and then there's a Jim Shepherd, past CEO of Canfor..... Different Spelling for "each" person.....

Young Progress Jim is, ... is ... younger looking .... less hair than Old Jim who never served on the Progress Board.... who's either hasn't lost a hair on his head or it's a toupe....

North Van's Grumps said...

Damn HTML... got the two names mixed up Shepherd for Shepard

RossK said...




No mea culpa...

To different JS's at Canfor....


cfvua said...

Perhaps we shouldn't get all to worked up over what the "rating agencies" have to say. A quick look at "Credit Rating Agencies and Subprime Crises" over on Wikipedia( which has its own alleged editorial problems regarding certain BC political party leaders). The drift is that the rating agencies that now are suggesting things are rosy in BC did the same thing with derivatives and other schemes and we all know what happened. So maybe we should be way more cautious, when hearing how high the province is rated, especially when we can see signs indicating otherwise. Talk about gaming the system.