Thursday, April 18, 2013

As The Campaign Kicks Into Gear, Ms. Clark Just Keeps On 'Saying Anything'.


A while ago, back when the British Columbia legislature was open for a nanosecond or seven, we noted that BC Liberal Party leader Christy Clark has a penchant for saying pretty much anything, even if it is completely at odds with what she said the day before.


She's still at it.

And this time it involves the trail of (supposed) Con-followers that are supposed to protect her right flank while she runs around promising sparkle ponies for everyone.

Andrea Woo, of the Globe, following up, pretty much straight-up, on a BCCon party press release has the story.


Here is what Ms. Clark said yesterday:

...“[May 14] is going to be about individuals making their voice heard in the ballot booth. But you know, Stockwell Day, as an example, and Chuck Strahl, two retired politicians, federal politicians, are both very actively helping us in this campaign and I’m really proud of the contribution that they’ve been making.”...

Then, the BC Con Party leader said this in his presser released this morning:

...“Christy Clark must clarify the accusation she made against Chuck Strahl, alleging that he acted in an impartial way to campaign for the Liberals,” said John Cummins, Leader of the BC Conservatives. “I know Chuck. He is an honourable man, and he would never campaign when it is forbidden by his (current) Chairmanship of the Security Intelligence Review Committee – the Premier must apologize and clarify her statement immediately.”...

And...whaddy'a know...Here is what Ms. Clark said today:

...Ms. Clark clarified her statements Thursday morning: “He (Mr. Strahl) has been active for the last two years and when he took on his non-partisan role just very recently, he stepped back from that,” she said...

It's that 'present' vs. 'past' vs. 'future' tense thing again, I guess (see, for example, the Bogus Bollywood 400 million that didn't exist on April 6th and doesn't exist now, but might in the future).

Maybe tomorrow she will tell us how the ghost of the WACky One was spotted snoozing contentedly at the back of her bus.

Of course, if that does occur she will tell us the following day that she has never, really believed in ghosts.

Or some such thing.



scotty on Denman said...

Christy thrives on the limelight, it's more vital to her than her veracity, in fact, for her, it affirms her veracity.
She is plainly deluded into thinking the cameras are focused on her because what she has to say is true, that the cameras affirm her veracity when, in reality, the cameras reveal her mendacity; it's an election campaign, Christy, figure it out!

cfvua said...

Sounds like more "in 'n out".

Mark said...

Or she will say she used to believe in ghosts but doesn't any more and might not tomorrow unless of course they are friendly Federal Liberal poltergeists who pay fees to ride in her bus like the non-ghost news reporter acolytes