Saturday, April 13, 2013

The First Day Of Spring In Atmon.


It's another fantastic snapshot of life in the north, brought to us by our friend Karen of 'This Crowded Skin':

...This year winter and spring are having a hell of a good time with us. Spring has started two or three times already. Four weeks ago we went out to my parents and shovelled 3 feet of snow off the north side of their roof. It had been melting at the top, but the melt water was cooling and freezing by the time it got to the north overhang. Under the 3 feet of snow was a 12 inch ice dam. Three weeks ago we had 3 feet of snow in the yard, and then the temperature rose to 11 or 12 and the snow receded a foot from the edge of the sidewalks. Then it snowed for 3 days. Back and forth for three weeks. Yesterday I had a tenacious little bump of snow around the trees in the front yard and bare lawn. My vegetable gardens are completely bare and begging to be tidied up. This morning I opened the door for the cat. He saw this:

He gave me a look and a noise that I am quite certain was, "WTF?" and went back to bed...


But if you really want to find out why today, April 13th, has always been the first day of spring for Karen you will have to go and read her entire post.

I highly recommend that you do it because I'm almost certain that the tonic of her words an images are exactly what you need on this fine, if blustery, Saturday morning a few days before the writ finally drops.

Heard from Bigger E. late yesterday afternoon....She called from the library because she is working on all manner of term-end/crunch-timey stuff...One is a paper involving, I think, Blake...She wanted to know about a quote I've used, in various forms, around here...You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that when it comes matters academic that I can actually be useful to my kids (occasionally) on non-science geek matters...Oh...And as for spring...They got 20cm of snow in Montreal yesterday...



karen said...

Oh my. Thank you for the quote and link, RossK. Its kind of thrilling, in a way I imagine getting published must be.

karen said...

Also, I am curious about the quote E was inquiring about. And, I am willing to bet you are all kinds of help in your kids' academic careers, science-geeky. You have a fascinatingly large number of interests and knowledge areas. I feel like you know everything. (in a good way.)

RossK said...

You're most welcome Karen.

Hope a few folks stopped by from here - it's a great post.


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