Friday, April 12, 2013

Are Ms. Clark's Wizards Going All In Against The Lotusdandian ProMedia Punditry?


Yesterday, we noted that Gary Mason said he had been called by the Premier's office to admonish him about a recent column that mildly rebuked Ms. Clark for doing something that we have noted for the last 18 months.

Which is that she has spent pretty much her entire time as Premier campaigning rather than actually governing.

And now Mr. Mason is tweeting that the BC Liberal party operatives may be involved in generating swirling rumours that Keith Baldrey, who has also been very, very mildly uppity recently, is set to take a job with the Dix regime if they win the election.

And one of the Wizard's-in-Chief is denying it....Kinda/sorta.


Who's next, we wonder.

The Dean or Mr. Smyth?



Grant G said...

The Straight Goods

RossK said...

Grant G said...

Gary Mason Gary Mason ‏@garymasonglobe 5h

Prt 2 - It's being suggested on Twitter that Baldrey is poised to take a job with Adrian Dix after the elxn which is total garbage
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David Schreck David Schreck ‏@StrategicThghts 5h

@garymasonglobe Name names; what is role of @Bzubyk? #bcpoli
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Brad Zubyk Brad Zubyk ‏@Bzubyk 5h

@StrategicThghts @garymasonglobe my role is to get on a plane for a holiday sunday david. But thanks for the mention.
DM DM ‏@dmillssoon 5h

@StrategicThghts @garymasonglobe @Bzubyk desperate times call for desperate measures..sad the libs will say or do anything to cling to power


Wazuku and Brad Zubyk going after auditor general..

Ross K..The same red nosed clown came after me 2 years ago..The same Brad Z..

Also, breaking news, Auditor general fires 4 people in his office..I believe they leaked information to Wazuku..

This is indeed getting lively..

Perhaps now, perhaps now people will believe my post about Luke Skywalker,

(edited by site owner...feel free to post evidence Grant)



RossK said...

Thanks for the link.


Grant G said...

The person who created this site, also created this site

I smelled the rat early on, back when The Straight Goods was BC Liberal enemy number !..


Ian Reid added to the thread..

Coincidence Ross K?

As for me, they can sue me if they like, for the truth is a defense..

Let those failed election losers come after me..

Bring it on.

RossK said...

Thanks Grant--

Much appreciated.