Monday, April 01, 2013

Is The Dippers' Dixian Innoculation Strategy Driving The Wizards Batty?


Fighting back with April First-ian humour against the good Mr. Shepard's corporate cash cow (fully fattened, no doubt, by all that extended long-play HST bloat that was not passed on to consumers), the Dippers released a bit of innoculatory counter-spinnish humour this morning in which they are pretending that ADix was responsible for the Spice Girls and Marilyn Manson (but not the death of KCobain) in that apparently awful decade that was the '90's.

There was a lot of advance spadework done via Twittmachine early this morning that has resulted in considerable pick-up from a number of 2nd tier proMedia members this afternoon (i.e. the ones that work the tail-end of super long weekends).

And now the BC Liberal Party Wizards, who were initially caught off guard as they sent wave after wave of their Surrender Monkeys off into the void in attempt to sink a few fangs into the long shed carcass of the slitherish one named 'Zalm', are trying to mount a bit of pushback against the innoculation:

Which, of course, doesn't quite match up with the fact-based comparison between the 1990's (which ended in '2000') and the Golden Era of the 2000's (that ended in 2010) that the BCL's Wizards have been hiding from us ever since they dismantled their very own Free Enterprise-ish, but somehow simultaneously even more Commie-Pinko-est, 'Progress Board':

And, speaking of the '90's and April....(or is it the late '80's?)....This!



Hugh said...

Baby Spice was my favourite.

scotty on Denman said...

Hell, ya!

Anonymous said...

How old was Shane when he moved here in the 90s?

motorcycleguy said...

Born here in the mid '50s. Loved it. Which made watching what the current crop of people in power have done to our province in the 2000's tough...real tough. Where did they come from and what upbringing did they have to be so treasonous in behaviour?

kootcoot said...

Apparently the "scary" anti-Dix video was an April Fool's Day project and while they did think they might get some "free airtime" on so-called news programs on April first, going forward it will just distributed around the party and on youTube. Too bad, I would rather see it on TeeVee than the endless dominoes or promotion of the BC LIEberal "skills training" programs.

BTW, my fave Spice Girl was Scary!