Saturday, April 20, 2013

See What Your Greed For Money Has Done.


All the news recently about how it really does seem that we are going backwards, and in some ways actually doing all we can to make things miserable for people who work for a living, somehow caused the headline of this post, from Woody Guthrie's '1913 Massacre', to pop into my head.

Which, I guess, just goes to show that if, say, you work for a bank in 2013, that there is more than one way for a copper-boss thug-man to stick his head in the door.

Anyway, here's my take on the tune, which is probably more influenced by the Arlo version I listened to over and over as a kid than the original...

Image at the top of post from Fresh Air/NPR's  fabulous 100yr celebration of Guthrie's birth.
Background on the inspiration for Woody's wordsmithing and an early Mo Asch recording of the tune can be
Arlo went back to the scene of the tragedy, Calumet Michigan, recently...



Anonymous said...

Nice. Muchly appreciated . And along the same theme;

RossK said...


Awwwww....Mr. Willie P. Bennett.

A master.

And much under appreciated I reckon.

I must learn some of his stuff (and a little of his vocal stylings, me thinks).