Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Evening Ride.


C. had the car last night (we're down to one!), so I decided to ride over to the Geezerian jam band space  with guitar and various assorted sundries in tow.

And even though I was a little behind schedule I just had to stop and snap this image.

It's Dumphries, just east of Knight looking north from 31st.

Amazing, no?

And speaking of amazing....I normally play my statocraptor copy with the geezers which I actually like because it's so trebly and the lead guy plays a heavy Les Paul....But last night my friend let me play an old real thing Telly mostly because, well....You know.
Anyway,  sure hope C. doesn't get too upset about the fact that, I think, we may soon have (yet) another guitar in the house...


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