Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is The Premier's Flack-Hackery Trying To Muzzle...

...Gary Mason?


Not that we are trying to suggest that Mr. Mason has been stealing our stuff or anything, but here is a small chunk of his latest:

...In her speech at the Liberal Party’s annual premier’s dinner (recently), Ms. Clark noted the passing of the iconic politician (Margaret Thatcher), saying she was someone who stuck to her principles and pressed onward in the face of withering criticism and dissent.

While unsaid, it was evident Ms. Clark was certainly trying to establish a comparison between the trials and tribulations of Lady Thatcher and the negative reviews and stinging rebukes she has had to endure. Except, much of the downbeat commentary that has been levelled at the Premier has sprung from a widely held view that she arrived in office with no real plan or vision or firmly held convictions upon which a policy agenda would be based – almost the anti-Thatcher. And the former British prime minister’s death only served to bring that unfortunate distinction into starker relief.

Of course, the other critique to dog Ms. Clark is that she has preferred the public aspects of the position – ribbon cuttings, town hall meetings, representing government at high-profile events – to the more mundane, less visible but vitally important job of identifying priorities and crafting an agenda...

Surprisingly, this most (ron) obvious of mild-mannered analyses, according to Mr. Mason himself, led to a rebuke from Ms. Clark's office:

Imagine that!

Lid flip 'o the gortex on this one goes to that old Lotuslandian newsman George Orr who has been asking a whole lotta 5W-type questions on the Twittmachine recently.



Anonymous said...


Clark's self-flattering boasts about being BC's Margaret Thatcher-incarnate (before the body has been interred) is fair ball?

But question the gross disrepect to Thatcher and Canada's army of closet-Thatcherites [think Victoria] and such impudence is just going too far!


RossK said...


Well, just to think like a Wizard of Snooklandia for a moment....

Maybe they think it's kind of like questioning the fact that that very nice, but imperious looking old lady who used to impersonate Queen Victoria in the Victoria Day Parade (in Victoria) might not actually be Victoria.

The queen version that is.

Or some such thing.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The female political comparison, if Ms. Clark really wanted to find it and be honest enough to share it with us, can be found just a little closer to home than Mother England. Judy Tyabji anybody?

persey said...

Too harsh?

I re-read the article to suss out which statements were too harsh.

Spot-on is my assessment.

I did not see one line that was not verifiable fact.

But then, telling the truth has been deemed "too harsh" by the Liberal administration for a number of years now. Which is probably why they avoid it whenever possible.

G West said...

George asks some good questions, eh?

Answers not forthcoming however. Nice to see Ron Obvious isn't always - obvious that is.

RossK said...


I'm not quite getting that one...You're going to have to elaborate.


One wonders if it is straight-up verifiable stuff like that cited by Mr. Mason that really scares the bejeebuz out of the Wizards...After all, if the proMedia actually starts holding their candidates to account for their past words and deeds....Well?



Mr. Orr is all killer and no filler.



Regarding Mr. Obvious...Ya, when he's not trying to eat Chichester Cathedral or jump the English Channel he can actually hit the mark occasionally.


Anonymous said...

RossK, I can barely believe my eyes!

You say that “imperious looking old lady who used to impersonate Queen Victoria in the Victoria Day Parade (in Victoria) might not actually BE Victoria..”?

Oh dear! Another local scandal! How will my neighbours here in Victoria's Oak Bay cope with such dreadful intelligence!

Speaking of anatomical deficits (what you simple people call "brains") isn't it sufficient harm to Victorians to learn that we harbour Canada's least respected Premier?

Isn't it outrage enough that our local media pimples\pimplettes urge us to re-elect a person with the IQ of a salad [sorry, no croutons please, my chauffeur claims they're “foreign”..]

That Abraham Drix fellow? He appears obsequious enough, but he seems to have devoted his life to becoming an encyclopedia of magical ways to not answer questions. Butlers shouldn't do that.

Granted, it's always the appropriate time for a servant to shut up, but between Miss Flapdoodle-What's-Her-Face and Mr. It's-Clever-Of-Me-To-Put-Secrecy-Before-Candour, I may have to lose my temper.

It this point I need a good shot of Darjeeling and a nap!

I'm off!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

All I am suggesting is Christy, if she is looking for a woman with a comparable set of political skills, could start looking for somebody with a few less tools in their tool kit than old Maggie.

RossK said...


Darjeeling, indeed!



Got it now.

But who would be Ms. Clark's true political gourd....errr...well, you know?


Anonymous said...

It's unlike me, but after a few snorts of Tiger-Bark-a-la-Darjeeling, it's plausible to say that I agree with everyone here.

As to Miss Flapdoodle-What's-Her-Face's identity confusion?

How very dreary and pointless to pretend faux-reincarnation from a deceased wannabee monarch. Yes, Margaret too was ambitious. But she was LG, OM, PC, FRS, before being promoted by OUR SAINTED ACTUAL MONARCH to a paltry title of Who-Cares Baroness.

Whatever her faults, that Who-Cares Baroness was first a qualified research chemist, then a lawyer, then head of the Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990 in a nation of 63 million people. Most of them drunk, disorderly and sociopathic near anything that looked like a futbol.

Miss Flapdoodle-What's-Her-Face?

Well um, yes, she graduated from Burnaby High. And for 2 years has struggled to seem credible to a skimpy population of 4.3 million people having in common 2 feet, not much money and an unquenchable desire to riot at hockey contests.

Why anyone with such a slipshod C.V. and no background of plausible wealth, should ever imagine Victoria would welcome her - Well! Really!

Everyone in my employ concurs - it's a mystery how she got in here.

RossK said...



I'll tell you you how...

Even in her weird word-salad kinda/sorta self-comparison to the Baroness, Ms. Clark led with her academic tourism that the MSM has pretty much bought lock-stock-and-barrel (remember back the pre-leadership vote daze they were happy to tell us that she 'studied' at the Sorbonne).

The point?

She will stretch any and all points from here to infinity past the breaking point of even the most elastic of bands.

And, again, the MSM is very rarely willing to call her on it.

The people?

Not so much.