Monday, April 08, 2013

Why Not Just Claim Eleventy Billion And Call It A Day.


And no, I'm not talking about the number of people that the (not)Premier claimed watched the Bollywood appearance/performance money thingy on televsion on Saturday night that didn't.

Because that bogus claim was 'only' 400 million.

For a show that was not even televised live.

Instead, I'm wondering if and/or when  Ms. Clark will start babbling on and on and on about how many gazillions will watch this...

And why, exactly, did the good Mr. Baldrey wait for his evening 'news' cast to announce the 'details' of an infomercial ad-buy anyway?



Grant G said...

Talk about timing..I do believe everyone will be talking about Justin Trudeau on that night..

After all..He will be anointed Federal Liberal leader Sunday night..


Lew said...

The half hour buy comes with a week of free non-stop boosterism about the fact on Global and 'NW. Just in case you forget it's on. They do that for all their clients, right?