Monday, April 22, 2013

Is It Possible That the Ms. Clark's Wizards Are Counting On The Fact That...

...It Will Be Impossible For The ProMedia To Keep Up With Non-Stop Codswallop From Their Candiate?

The latest from Ms. Clark, uttered about the 'verification' of her 'budget' earlier today on the radio station that formerly employed her to blather on endlessly for 150 minutes per day, 5 days a week...

"Go ask Moody's."

So the CBC did.

And they found that Ms. Clark was, essentially, making stuff up while simultaneously waxing pretzel-logitistical.

Or some such thing.

Here is just portion of the MoCo's thorough review of the bond rating agency's assessment of the financial state of British Columbia:

...In fact, Moody's gives B.C. a "negative" credit outlook, and blames the province's recent accumulation of debt under the B.C. Liberals.

"The negative outlook reflects the risks to the province's ability to reverse the recent accumulation in debt given a softened economic outlook, weaker commodity prices and continued expense pressures," said the most recent Moody's report...


The province's 'recent accumulation of debt' is a cause for concern?

What's that all about then?


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