Monday, April 08, 2013

The Latest From The LINO Wizards...'Hey Rubes!'


Apparently, for the BC Liberal Party wizards there is nothing like taking a fully discredited smear out on the road for one last spin.

Case in point...

The following appeared in the Cowichan News-Leader Pictorial under the byline of Peter Rusland last week:

The Auditor General’s staff seems to confirm arguments by Cowichan’s NDP MLAs that their party didn’t break rules by using some $460,000 in constituency funds for community help.

Elaine Hepburn of the AG’s department clarified B.C. Liberal party claims MLAs Bill Routley (Cowichan Valley) and Doug Routley (Nanaimo-North Cowichan) participated in a scheme that saw money intended to serve local constituents in the Cowichan Valley and Nanaimo, funneled into a central partisan slush fund.

“Legislature rules specifically prohibit the use of constituency funds for political use,” a Grit release states.

But Hepburn investigated the details, and told the News Leader Pictorial, “Our understanding is that this story came from a leaked, draft, management letter.”

That highly confidential letter involved an entity being audited by the AG’s department, she explained. According to the Liberals “... funds accruing to this (NDP) account were being used for partisan purposes, and not for goods or services consistent with the original purpose of the constituency office.”

Hepburn explained further accounting discovered that was not the case.

“It was not fraud,” she said. “It was cleared up. The (NDP) fund is no longer in effect...

But do you think that the AG's office stating clearly and explicitly that the allegation shouted by Bill Bennett in the legislature weeks ago was not true was enough to keep the BC Liberal party candidate in Cowichan from shouting it, once again, from the rooftops his riding?

Of course not:

...“That’s the pot calling the kettle black,” countered Cowichan Liberal hopeful Steve Housser.

“They were still taking money away from its directed purpose. It strikes me as wrong.

“Maybe they thought they had the (AG’s) green light. The NDP should have realized (constituency) money is not to be used this way.”



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