Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BC Rail Conflict Of Interest Decision Coming Down...


Ms. Clark has, apparently, wriggled off of the barbless hook that was set up as a catch and pre-writ drop release exercise in Saskatchewan.


There is one thing to really pay attention to in all the blather that is sure to follow...

Which was the (incredibly narrow) 'scope' of the investigation.

And in a day or two, as the Wizards' pushback prop-offensive mounts, it will be time bring up the actual facts once again.

Also, particularly with respect to the latter (or perhaps not), the Dean brings up an interesting point:



Grant G said...

She was cleared, but this means nothing, the commissioner looked at whether Christy Clark influenced the sale one way or another, as to the sale she was not in conflict, however, she was in an unethical situation(s) in regard to her brother Bruce Clark taking giving bribe money to Bai/Virk..And her relationship with lobbyists..

And..The ommish did not look into the shenanigans involving the potential sale of the Roberts bank spur line.

Once again Ross ...

The wrong questions asked, ..

BC Rail trial, so many people believed or thought this trial was about the loss of BC Rail, it never was, it was about two lowly serfs taking bribes, which they did, they were taking bribes for years on many files, they took bribes before BC Rail was even put up for sale..

The commish ruled Christy Clark did not affect the BC Rail sale...

Van Dongen, the trial, the process ..They never looked at the baker of the cake..

Gordon Campbell...

In a way, Van Dongen should never have filed a conflict complaint against Clark, he should of filed a conflict case against Gordon Campbell..

Now Christy has a ruling to blather about..


Anonymous said...

"In a decision released today, Gerald Gerrand – a consultant hired by the conflict commissioner to conduct the review – ruled otherwise.". So BC's conflict commissioner bows out because of his own potential conflict of interest, but he is the one that hires another commissioner to deal with the issue. Seems like the conflict was just handed down the line and was merely once removed. In the sun article, the lead sentence stated "
"B.C.’s Conflict of Interest Commissioner has cleared Christy Clark of any conflict in the sale of BC Rail." That seems to be a more accurate picture of who made the decision and were back to square one.

Anonymous said...

All very deliberate. Most of the same Minister were around, when Campbell thieved and corruptly sold the BCR. Christy was Campbell's Deputy Premier. Christy's brother Bruce was, very much around.

BC's judicial system is, the most corrupt in all of Canada. Only in BC, an entire railroad is thieved sold and, no-body did it.

Reminds me when my three boys were little. I found, I also had three phantom little boys. Alright boys, who did this? There was? Not me, not me. I don't know and then, nobody. However, someone certainly was trying to make a batch of pancakes, in a bowl on the floor. It took me quite some number of pails of water, to get the flour off the floor.

Grant G said...


Keith Baldrey Keith Baldrey ‏@keithbaldrey 33m

Erik Bornmann, under oath, tells conflict commissioner he got info leaks from Basi and Virk, NOT Clark. Under oath.
Retweeted by David Schreck


RossK said...

Interesting that, if true.

Regardless, it is also interesting that Mr. Bornmann has never, to this day, been cross-examined under oath.


North Van's Grumps said...

Check out the last page of this link to the Commish's Report on Christy. Page 41 of 41

List of correspondence between Commish Oliver - 1998 to 2003

The Nuts and Bolts connections between the Clark MLA/Minister/Siblings including Mr. Clark and Burrard Communications.

scotty on Denman said...

There's a crooked garden pathway, mined and booby-trapped, death pits camouflaged under shredded documents and blackmailed culprits waylaying around every twist and behind every smouldering pile of evidence along the wayside, that leads to the heart of the BC Rail debacle. The intrepid who tarries at any point along they way is lost. The explorer must have a complete map.

Van Dongen's action could never have been a substitute for a comprehensive inquiry; neither can this absolution.

Anonymous said...

Until "all the players involved" in this mess, testify under oath, no one should be satisfied as to the "truth"' being revealed in this scandal. Many questions need to be asked, including the 100 questions by the NDP and others, who want and deserve the truth....

Bring on the judicial enquiry.....