Monday, April 15, 2013

Campaign Day Minus 1: Luckily For Christy Clark....

...Nobody Reads Vaughn Palmer Anymore.

Because the lede from Mr. Palmer's latest VSun column effectively pushes Ms. Clark's most recent debt-free codswallop blather right back down her throat:

VICTORIA - There was Premier Christy Clark Monday, dedicating herself to the goal of a “debt-free British Columbia,” and telling reporters that debt reduction has always been “a central value for me.”

Alas for Clark and her B.C. Liberals, the record of her time in office, reflected in the audited financial statements combined with her government’s three-year-fiscal plan, tell a radically different story...

{snippety doo-dah}

... In her (Clark's) first two years, her government added $11 billion to the debt, the biggest jump in dollar terms in provincial history...

Mr. Palmer then goes on to describe, accurately in my opinion, the sleight of hand that Ms. Clark and her minions used when they brought in that 'fairness' fellow to pretend that they were going to balance the budget earlier this year. I suggest you go and read Mr. Palmer's column in full to see how much deep debt doo-doo Ms. Clark and her 'new' team actually want to get us in over the next four years.

And that's without even considering all of those long-term Gordon-Era deferrals that I'm pretty sure Norm Farrell will be telling us all about (all over again) very soon.


Meanwhile, foreshadowing Campaign Day Zero...The Globe's Justine Hunter is reporting this evening that Ms. Clark will kick things off on South VIsle tomorrow morning...Interestingly, according to Ms. Hunter Ms. Clark will go nowhere near hotly contested OakBayGHead...Instead she will head  to (at least formerly) safe VictoriaSLake...So...What is the campaign 'warrior' afraid of, exactly.

(or is it her candidates that fear her presence in their ridings?)

Can't quite remember how Ms. Clark dissed the Dean and his readership (as well as, gasp!, CKNW and its listenership)?....This, from the Tyee's David Beers last summer, should refresh your memory...



North Van's Grumps said...

Looks like Rich Coleman was able to get one last "dig" in at the Little Mountain Project .. on April 14, 2013.

Is this the same property that the BC Liberals have earmarked for SELLING to the highest Bidder to Balance their books... this year?

BC Liberal Government News Room

holborn properties little mountain vancouver development bc liberals selling assets

Anonymous said...

Christy works for Harper, as Campbell did before her. Boessenkool worked for Harper and, lobbied for Enbridge. Christy hired Boessenkool to work for her.

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper, literally devastated this Province. BC citizens have, very, very long memories. Especially, Harper rewarding Campbell the post of, High Commissioner to England. We of BC, have forgot nothing.

No thank you, I will stick with Dix.