Sunday, April 07, 2013

Platforms Coming Down...What Will The BCL Wizards 'Steal' This Time?


I remember the moment very clearly...

...When a craven Lotuslandian proMedia knowingly caved and went after Carole James unmercifully for taking them on a bumpy plane ride that actually used gasoline to try and show them the ecological damage that IPP's were wreaking just as Gordon Campbell was suckering the sycophants into supporting his sudden seeing of the 'light' on carbon taxes, emissions and offsets (which was a grift we now truly know and understand).

And thus, the BC Liberals stole the high ground on the environment in the last provincial election.

Of course, that kind of stuff is just good politics, right?

I mean it wasn't like Mr. Campbell' Wizards were actually going around literally trying to steal the other party's stuff, right?



But fast forward to right here, right now....


Do you remember all that 'Book of John Cummins' business that came up in a story from Cassidy Olivier recently about how Christy Clark's BC Liberal party-aligned government staffers were working on the public dime to smear political enemies?

Well, what you may have missed was a most interesting passage in one of the Emails from then BC Liberal caucus 'research officer' Sam Oliphant that goes like this:

"...Dimitri has asked that someone go through their (BC Conservative) policy document sent out earlier this month and put together a bit of a report that looks at three specific things 1) What is worth stealing? 2) What has already been done? 3)What is just crazy/impossible/impractical/dangerous etc?..."


How long before Ms. Clark's Wizards have her saying she will cut taxes in the morning and raise them in the afternoon while the sycophants run around telling any proMedia member that will listen that John Cummins must be held to account for proposing the former while Adrian Dix must be held to account for proposing the latter.

In case you missed it, the good Mr. Oliphant is off the public's dime and is currently doing his thing, straight-up, for Ms. Clark and the BC Liberal Party these days...
And in case you really missed it....One of the folks who received Mr. Oliphant's E-Mail described above was....Wait for it....The life partner of the allegedly completely unconflicted legislative reporter for CBC British Columbia...


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