Monday, April 29, 2013

Debate Tweet Of The Night...


....Comes from the ultimate freelancer, Mr. Tom Hawthorn:

Which, of course, is quite literally true, particularly if it were legalized and regulated.

And it would start growing said economy much sooner than would the development of LNG's cloning of the trillion dollar Sparkle-Pony farms.

But, more seriously on this issue (particularly given that removing the prohibition would likely decrease gang activity driven by it substantially)....

Was not Ms. Clark's derision of  Mr. Dix for giving a straightforward, explicit answer, before dodging then completely avoiding the question herself, just another example of her own....

Pattern of behaviour?

Second place goes to....Sparky Dangerbox.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Oh, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Would so. Even more so if put to the advantage of the difficult to employ like those released from prison.

RossK said...

Hey Beer--

What's the take on this of the 'independent' you've been working for?

Maybe you should ask somebody down at the office and let us know the answer (and how it's delivered). But, whaever you do, don't mention the ibogaine.


Good point Anon - thanks.


Anonymous said...

My vision would be to give the rez first dibs on permits and then the hot house industry a percentage of production allowed. Can you imagine the increase to grown in BC bottom line. It may sound scary but liquor stores wineries ect. Are not broken into that often.

Anonymous said...

However it may work out avoid tie wearing private school types hiring foreign workers to take it over or anyone who stood against it up to five years