Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Andrew Wilkinson Reloads The BC Liberal Party's Propaganda Catapult


Mr. Wilkinson, the man who just may be the future leader of the BC Liberal Party, was given free rein in the GStraight yesterday:

Here's his lede:

BRITISH COLUMBIANS WILL soon face a choice that will determine their economic prospects for many years to come: a choice between continuing the 12 years of prosperity we have enjoyed under a series of B.C. Liberal governments, or throwing fate to the wind under the NDP, who have no economic plan that they are prepared to reveal to the taxpayers and voters of this province...


One can only infer that Mr. Wilkinson is saying that the Golden Era of Campbell and Clark, an era he helped engineer, led to a great period of prosperity that was way, way better than what the woeful NDP did in the decade prior.




Mr. Wilkinson then goes on to describe the boon of the great Gordian slashing of income taxes, followed by a low income red herring chaser...We'll have more to say about that aspect of the prop flinging soon.



Anonymous said...

"12 years of prosperity"

Have the BC Liberals ever balanced a budget without resorting to deferral accounts , or other unethical accounting practices?

Anonymous said...

12 years of Kleptocracy you mean....