Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BC Rail Revisited...The Ledgie Boys Strike Back!


Well, well, well...

Whaddy'a know.

On the bright side, at least this time they're not calling us a 'cult'.




Anonymous said...


4 of the country's worst hospitals are in... BC.

chuckstraight said...

I don`t think it actually clears up anything. I still want to know why the taxpayers paid legal fees fo criminals, why Campbell sold BC Rail after saying he wouldn`t.
We sure have a hard time getting truth in BC.
Just give me some truth-"Lennon"

Grant G said...

Nor does it explain...

In Gerrand`s report it mentions Bruce Clark`s home being raided by police, I saw no mention of the fact that Bruce Clark had cabinet information on the Roberts bank spur line..No mention that Bruce Clark was given immunity for telling of his bribes made..

Ross, I read this report and I agree with his assessment, Christy Clark did recuse herself from cabinet meetings, also..

The alleged lobbying groupd Van Dongen suggests she was in conflict with...They won NOTHING!

There was too many unsubstantiated leaps that Dongen made, it appears those leaps of faith, or bad faith were fueled by a blogger..

Christy Clark is far from exonerated...

In my opinion, had Van Dongen not filed a conflict complaint, his allegations would remain in people`s minds..

Now cknw is spinning that Clark has been cleared, Vaughn Palmer is defending his years of failed reporting on BC Rail, or if you like, his non-reporting..

BC`s Chinese language TV channel led with Christy Clark gleefully cheering her exoneration..

And more, Christy Clark was on radio when Mike De Jong made the public the deal to forgive Basi/Virks legal fees..

And for christ`s sake..Basi and Virk were sleaze, taking bribes for years on multiple files, before BC Rail was put up for sale, yet the king calls them dupes and claims they paid their debt to society.

Christy Clark`s one good news story of the year..Courtesy of Van Dongen..

Read Gerrand`s summation in the above link..I believe Ross K you will agree with his ruling...Remember, Gerrand wasn`t judging Bruce Clark, Gordon Campbell, fairness report(unfairness report)...

Dongen and king blew it..

We`ll wait for the full inquiry..

That is if the NDP are elected.


Grant G said...

Anonymous said...

The conflict report has solved nothing..perception in the minds of the voting public still believes that the whole BC Rail fiasco, was tainted, then covered up, and finally shut down, complete with a legal fee settlement.

Something is really wrong here, bring on a judicial enquiry.....