Monday, April 29, 2013

Hey PavCo!....What's The (New) Deal With Paragon?


On the weekend we noted that, according to both PavCo chair (and BC Liberal Party candidate) Mr. Peter Fassbender as well as BC Liberal Party Premier Ms. Christy Clark, there is, apparently, a 'pre-condition' in the new lease agreement with Paragon Gaming Inc. that will allow them to build a Casino next to BC Place Stadium.

We also noted that there was also a 'pre-condition' of a sort for the original agreement (you know, the one the people of Vancouver killed) between PavCo and the fine folks from Las Vegas with the BC Liberal Party connections. 


Given all that, we figured we should head on over to PavCo and have a read of the actual agreement to see what we are really on the hook for.

So we did....

And what did we find?


Like Bob Mackin before us....



And why is it important that we, the people of British Columbia, should see any and ALL agreements made between our fair province and the people of Paragon?....Well, turns out that they sometimes have a little trouble fulfilling their agreements with other provincial governments....Just sayin'...
Oh, and just in case you were wondering why you are not hearing, seeing or reading about this story....Well...Essentially....Ummmmm....The proMedia is still not covering it...


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