Friday, April 19, 2013

Parking Matters...


The image above came from a reader who was out for a morning walk recently.

With snark set to infinity, they wondered if, perhaps, a gargantuan May 15th payday loan could be Ms. Clark's super-duper post-election 'surprise' method for taking care of her latest hidden debt hit.

Which isn't so crazy to at least contemplate for a nanosecond or seven.

After all, it's not like the BC Liberals haven't involved the people of British Columbia in such post-election usury in the not-so distant past.


And, speaking of the $1.6 billion dollar post-election surprise of 2009....Another reader, paisley, has informed us in the comments to this post that a certain former Finance Minister was on with the Goodship Watercarrier earlier this week essentially copping to the previous usury engagement strate(r)gy.



Norm Farrell said...

One party that is responsible for more than $80 billion in unrecorded debt and future payment payment obligations yet promotes "DEBT-FREE BC" is beyond laughable. It is disgusting. BC Liberals don't lie to us by accident. They lie after careful deliberation.

RossK said...


I would also add that they know they will not be called out for doing so in the proMedia, which is what they really count on.