Friday, April 19, 2013

Today's BC Liberal Party...The Ladder Of Cronies Has No Top And No Bottom.


We all know that there are now, and always have been (i.e. since the very beginning), cronies at the top of the BC Liberal Party ladder where the really big deals are done.

We also know there have always been cronies holding the ladder.

And, of course, we also know that there have always been cronies/wizards in the various and assorted backrooms (and 'hat' rooms) pulling the strings attached to the ladder.

But who knew there were cronies, some of whom once may have been up near the top, who are still clinging to the lowest rungs as hard as they possibly can.


What the heck am I going on about this time?


Remember that extended Sham-Wow! commercial that ran on the Party's most-favoured TeeVee outlet a couple of weeks ago?

And remember how the Party's 'say anything' leader du jour was seen talking to apparent 'average' British Columbians during said infomercial.

Well, it turns out even those fine folks were low level cronies.

Or, at the very least, the spouses of same.

Bob Mackin, this time in The Tyee, has the story:

...(Grant) Close was seen at the table in The Diner Cafe (in the infomercial), listening intently to (Christy) Clark espouse her ideas about jobs and families.

"The NDP of the past, which is really the same government and the same players are there in the background, they'll all appear if they do become elected," Close said by a wooden fence, gazing below the camera lens. "It will be a repeat of running deficits and a few of the big unions running the store, really."

Close is married to Judy Rogers, who was appointed by Clark to the B.C. Assessment Authority in October 2011 and the B.C. Housing Management Corporation in April 2012. Rogers is also chair of the University of B.C. Alumni Association and past-chair of Lift Philanthropy Partners, the former 2010 Legacies Now. In January, Clark presented Rogers with a Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award. Rogers was paid $10,250 during 2011, for attending 20 B.C. Assessment board meetings. As chair of BC Housing, she receives $15,000 a year.

"They just asked me to do it," Close told the Tyee when reached by phone. "I don't know the dates, I can't remember. Not long ago."...

And Mr. Close is not the only 'average' citizen in the infomercial with ties to the Party.

Case in point, another is the spouse of a BC Liberal candidate.

Of course, the Wizard-Cronies don't care that this has come out.

After all the Sham-Wow thing was ages ago now.

Which means that the Wizard-Cronies have now initiated the full-on 'Sparkle-Ponies For Everyone! offensive which just this afternoon targetted the folks that hate paying the IceBomb Bridge Toll, apparently.

Which is a story that Jeff Nagel has in the Surrey Leader.

Speaking of multiple hat wearer and former) BC Liberal Party ladder holder Mr. Kenneth Dobell's one time protege and former City of Vancouver manager Ms. Rogers....Whatever happened to Estelle Lo, anyway?
Which, apropos of pretty much everything....This walk down CoV memory lane has me thinking of that first failed run at a downtown  Casino Industrial Complex....Interestingly, one of the folks who worked hardest to keep the CIC from being built, Ms. Sandy Garossino has been raising alarms on the Twittmachine lately about the possibility that there may be another attempt to reboot the thing,  post-provincial election...
And just in case you have really forgotten, someone very near the top of the BC Liberal Party ladder was one of the point people in that first magic carpet-ride assisted attempt to ram the Casino Industrial Complex.... down our throats, post-phone-call with the then Minister responsible for said carpet....
And yes, I was thinking of this while banging out the header to this one...And no, there is no way to either confirm or rule out the never even imagined rumour that a certain young plaid-shirted fellow once played the song concerned back  before he went on to become the mayor of the City of Vancouver who's manager was...Well...You know...



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Gesus, everything that comes out of the Preems mouth seems to contradict everything her cabinet, Translink and anyone else associated with anything being done or said here in BC. Man is she desperate!

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