Friday, April 26, 2013

There Oughta Be An Entry In The Hall Of Fame Registry For This Long Gun.


Have I ever mentioned the fact that John K. Samson is a genius?

Interestingly, of late Mr. Samson has been championing the greatest wearer of the white skates of all time...

The Riverton Rifle, Reggie Leach.

I wrote about the young Mr. Leach and his white skates....Here.
Mr. Samson's song for Reggie, which was 'written in the form of an online petition', is....Here.
And, below is me doing a very bad impersonation of my favourite John K Samson song, recorded at one of the Whackadoodle's favourite beaches (thus the background sounds), which is just about as far away from Winnipeg as you can get and still be in Canada...

And just in case anyone wants to have another listen...All the recent songifying 'n stuff can be found in one place....Here.



Anonymous said...

I love your writings.
The political side is well-informed and right on the money and the personal side is beautiful and moving.
Thank you!

RossK said...

Thanks very, very much Anon.

Greatly appreciated.