Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Which Came First...The Tweet Or The Column?


On Monday Vaughn Palmer wrote a column in the VSun in which he looked hard at the publicly available numbers and then came to the conclusion that Christina Clark's claim of having a debt-free fiscal plan is, for all intents and purposes, completely bogus.

And it would appear, based on a message he posted up on the Twittmachine feed on Monday night, that the Globe's Gary Mason concurs:

But then, the very next day, Mr. Mason's newspaper published a column in which he wrote the following, without further comment:

... The Liberals have staked their future around job creation and fiscal management – a tried-and-true formula that free-enterprise parties in B.C. have forever used at election time...


I guess if you fling the propaganda long, high, and hard enough some pundits will just print it, straight-up, as conventional wisdom.

Which, of course, is what the prop-flingers are counting on.


For the record (because it includes excerpts that may disappear behind paywalls), I wrote about Mr. Palmer's column in the context of that 'EconomyStrong/SecurityForever' but not really 'EndlessWar' (becauseyoubetchaIloveOrwell'causeIwenttoschoolinBritainwhenThatcherwasPM) codswalloparianism that is Ms. Clark's party's slogan of the moment, here.


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