Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Ten Grand Limited Hangout From Pacific Carbon Trust On Wazuku


From the lede of G. Hoekstra's VSun piece this morning:

...The Wazuku Advisory Group was paid $10,950 for "communications advice and planning," according to information provided to The Vancouver Sun by the Crown corporation Pacific Carbon Trust (PCT)...

But wait, there's more, much more, below the fold:

...The PCT added Monday the advice Wazuku was paid for on the auditor's report is a small part of a larger contract totalling $125,555 to date, including such items as advice on potential carbon market policy options. Wazuku is still providing services to the PCT.

"Most of Wazuku's work for PCT has not involved communications," PCT spokeswoman Hope Hickli said in an email Monday...

Oh, and just in case you missed it the other day, here, again, is the real story:

...Wazuku won the bid even though one of its owners, Michael Watson, sits on the board of directors of the PCT.

The PCT said that Watson disclosed his business interest in Wazuku to the board. The board concluded Watson was not in a conflict of interest as management, not the board, had made the decision to award Wazuku the contract, Hickli said in the email...

So there you have it.

As long as you 'disclose' you are in the clear.

Interestingly, unlike this case, the spokesperson didn't even bother to state that Mr. Watson stepped out of the room when the decision was made to hire Wazuku.

Assuming he did.

Step out, I mean.


And in other news, Wazuku is now saying that they are only renting space and giving occasional advice to Mr. Jim Shepard and his most honourable CC4BC initiative...Hmmmm...Where have we who live in Vancouver and were forced to live through the disastrous Sam Sullivan regime heard that 'just helping out with space'  explanation before?...
Who are all the principles in Wazuku?....Ian Reid has that story...
Finally,  two other PR firms received public money from the PCT to develop the strategy to pushback against the Auditor General's report...One of them was the Laura Ballance Media Group who, we noted recently, is also being paid public dollars to promote the Bogus Bollywood Awards...The VSun's Mr. Hoekstra indicates that the Ballance Group received a very well-rounded $1000.00 to provide the PCT with "strategic communications and key message consultation"...Gosh, wonder how that breaks down, specifically, on the invoice...The other company which received $23,100 is the Acumen Communications Group...NVG?



Grant G said...

You missed the best part from that article Ross K..

"an organization that is known to “specialize in behind the scenes campaigns to discredit individuals.”

In my opinion it was one of the principles in the Wazuku organization who launched an attack website targeting one person, or of you like, one blogger..

The Straight Goods


There is more in this comment thread


The same commenter at the Tyee(and other places) also attempted a rude crude hatchet job on Rod Smel___

Anonymous said...

from before the PCT blew up on the BC Liberals

Should you trust the Pacific Carbon Trust?
by Bob Mackin, February 13, 2013


Bloated bills prompt review of carbon trust

Huge markup, dubious benefits
by Craig McInnes, Vancouver Sun, February 14, 2013


and then this
Did Recent WIDC Stories Uncover A Possible Unrelated Conflict
by Ben Meisner, April 02, 2013


Grant G said...

Rich Coleman lies, need proof?


Anonymous said...

I think it should be illegal to have a business based on "an organization that is known to “specialize in behind the scenes campaigns to discredit individuals.”

Sad indeed!

Hugh said...

So public money is given to private companies in the elaborate PCT scam.

A publicly-funded auditor general then criticizes the PCT scam.

The PCT then fends off the criticism, again with public funds.

Meanwhile carbon emissions keep going up.

Anonymous said...

Watson worked on Naomi Yamamoto's election campaign.
Wazuku has also admitted that CC4BC, who crafted the pre-campaign attack ads against Adrian Dix worked in their offices (read - it was us).