Monday, April 22, 2013

Luckily, No One Listens To CKNW Anymore.


Mr. Mason had the definitive Twittmachine statement on Ms. Christy Clark's latest appearance on CKNW this morning:

But, then again, who needs facts when you've got non-existent Trillion Dollar Sparkle Ponies and Spend-O-Meter gim-crack gimmickry on your side.

Harvey O has more on Ms. Clark's performance with Mr. Good....Here.
And then there is Mr. Akin's destruction of Ms. Clark's latest falsehood re: jobs plan claims backed with...This.
Header got the tip of your tongue?....Well....This.



Mark said...

You know you have problems when the Chief BC Christy Liberal Party Torch Bearer, and hopefully soon to be permanent resident of the Sunshine Coast, begins to raise objections to the BS spewing from your mouth

Anonymous said...

Very scary...having someone leading the province, who truly has no real understanding, of what she is doing....

Sparkle ponies catchy phrase!!

Anonymous said...

I think dumbed down news and TV has come to life with Christy. The Sun had many pictures of her in the Sun Run, a not so shameful photofest for their darling. She is filling a role that does not befit a premier.