Tuesday, April 09, 2013

For The Record...How Christy Clark Compared Margaret Thatcher To...

...'Those Guys We're Runnin' Against'.

The following is a wee bit of word salad, garnished with liberal dashes of pretzel logic and political opportunism, that was uttered by Ms. Christy Clark at a BC Liberal Party fundraiser yesterday in the wake of the news that Margaret Thatcher had just died.

It is transcribed directly from a Canadian Press video pubcasted by the NaPo:

"I had the privilege of seeing Margaret Thatcher in action when I lived in Britain, as a student for a year. She is a woman who endured the most withering kinds of criticism any woman, anyone, in politics in the last 50 years has endured. But she never ever waivered. She stuck to her guns, every single day. She pulled that country back from the brink, I would argue, by sheer of will. Everyone. Around the world knew what Margaret Thatcher stood for. And contrast that with the guys we're runnin' against in this election...."





You know....




Boris said...

Ugh. Brink of..what? Withstood criticism? WHY do we reward people for withstanding criticism? Criticism, especially the withering variety, tends to be the sort that substantively points out why what you're doing or about to do is a particularly bad. Yet somehow it gets wurlitzed into a virtue and masks individual wretchedness and stupidity.

Chris said...


Any day that the premier willingly compares herself to Margaret Thatcher is a good day by me.

scotty on Denman said...

Wonder if the recently departed Iron Lady would have approved of posthumous conscription into a foreign, provincial campaign where a princess-warrior boorishly struts about her bear pit daring her rival to a match of galls. Christy was at least respectful enough to have waited for Thatcher to critically whither away, stuck to her guns and all.

Anonymous said...

"Piss off" would be a suitable retort.

RossK said...





But it was such a bizarre comparison...And, once again, the gratuitous insertion of that academic tourism thing...Like it's actually a virtue...



A match of galls!



It would.

But don't forget, this is a person who is flinging prop by the million (or ten).

And I'm pretty sure the wedge issues on served up on various and assorted sundry proMedia watercarriers' platters are still to come.