Sunday, April 14, 2013

Has Adrian Dix Decided To Spike The Spin With...

...Real News Of Actual Policies?


It would appear that might be case in the run-up to Ms. Clark's big Sham-Wow! informercial tonight.

Ian Austin of The Province has the story. Here is his lede:

B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix will ban corporate and union donations to political parties if elected.

On the eve of the kickoff of his election campaign, Dix stood with four would-be MLAs and admitted some of his union brethren may not be happy.

“This is a major reform of politics in British Columbia,” said Dix. “I think this is good for the business community and the labour movement as well. Groups will continue to support political parties but will not be involved in fundraising.”..

And here is the link to the Dippers actual statement on the matter.

Of course, based on the 2012 numbers at least, we all know who actually wins, big, if only persons are allowed to contribute, right?
Why 'Sham-Wow!'?....Well, because rumour and the Twittmachine (they're different, right?) have it that the big bought-and-paid-for show will be designed to scrub away the last 12 years and present a new and improved (and shinier!) BC Liberal Party.


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