Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Attempt To Squash Democratic Discourse...Is What Was Once Good For The Gord(s) Now...

...Bad For The Christy?

I note, with interest, that today's un-bylined (apparently DMeissner-less), copy from the CP indicates that the BC Liberal Party's go-to TeeVee advertorial buyer would like to smother the full range of pre-election democratic discourse by offering up a 90 minute one-on-one townhall thingy between Adrian Dix and Christy Clark:

Premier Christy Clark says she has accepted a date for a televised townhall meeting with NDP Leader Adrian Dix and she's urging Dix to join her in front of the cameras.

Clark says the invitation for the head-to-head, 90-minute debate came from Global Television, and the expected date is May 6, just a week before the province goes to the polls....

Even more interesting, perhaps, is the fact that Ms. Clark's desire to have a go at Mr. Dix all by herself has awakened the Lotuslandian pro-punditry on the Twittmachine. One of the more interesting points they have raised is that if Gordon Wilson had been excluded from the 1991 debates there would likely never have been a resurrection of the BC Liberal Party for Gordon Campbell to hijack.

Most interestingly, to my mind at least, is the fact none of those pro-pundits seems to have taken this scenario through through 1996 to, say, now.


Given her long term Fed-Lib links, if there had been no viable BC Liberal Party, it seems to me that it is entirely possible that the former academic tourist who is our current mandateless Premier may not have become an MLA in PoCo in those days before the sale/not sale of the BC Rail main-track, and the aborted follow-up attempt to sell the spur-line to Roberts Bank.

What a different world that would be, eh?

Just heard Ms. Clark, who yesterday went all Maggie Thatcher expedient, on the CBC Radio-One 5:30pm news going full metal Shubbery with 'Bring it on!....Bring it on!'...Geez....She really will just 'say anything'...



Anonymous said...

90 minutes of Global TeeVee
That certainly is a turning point in this election.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany Crawford, Vancouver Sun, reports: Adrian Dix says he won't join Christy Clark in one-on-one televised debate

Lots-O-quotes from the CC, but NONE from the NDP - this smells of a set-up from beginning to end.

Beth said...

Dear God I'm not sure I could watch that woman for 90 min,
I had to keep turning off my radio the other day, long clips of Ms Clarke at the liberal love - in...hit mute ,those god awful ads from cc4bc hit mute again, the individual ads of Liberal candidates... sigh... mute, after being bombarded by this sludge, I wait to hear the guest on Bill Good's program and it's Jim Sheppard! yee gods!!.. MUTE !!
Ms. Clarke has been available for every photo- op going but was a no show for her real job in the legislature, to have a debate with just Dix is nothing more than grandstanding.. who will be moderating?
Bill Good? Palmer/Baldry.. the anchor from Global ? please spare me
Nice fluffy questions for Christy Clarke, Nail em to the wall interrogation for Dix,
I hope she intends to answer questions such as BC rail, Hydro run of river, Ken Bosenkool, Kim Haakstad, Dix's severance of 70 grand that the ads keep throwing out is a fraction of what David Hahn's double pension is, the PCT, the Drex interview, the public sector being used to work Hate sites against the NDP , children in care, the mutation of our health services, the Auditor General, why is Eric Foster still on that committee despite his obvious conflict.. what contracts have they signed off on and how long are they ? 10, 20, 50, years.. 990 ?
And just what does Pamela Martin do?? will they allow question from the audience?
One small note, as the 11 million dollar spending spree was going on for the TOIFA awards show I had a family member dying of cancer he spent 3 weeks in an acute care bed in hospital as there were no beds available for hospice..
Thanks for your venue that allows me to vent

RossK said...


Ya. Can you imagine the endlessness of it all




How about someone gives us names of the person or persons at Global that actually came up with this little set-up?



I agree with you...I had to listen to it for 58 seconds to transcribe the Thatcher Uber Alles thing the other day and even that was almost too much.


Anonymous said...

RE: Dix says he won't debate Clark one-on-one

"Dix turned down the challenge, saying that excluding the other parties is disrespectful.

In turn, Clark dismissed Dix’s concerns, saying that, realistically, the race for premier comes down to only two candidates."

I know Dix is one contender for premier - I wonder who CC thinks the other candidate is?

RossK said...

But Anon--

There is a new 'independent' poll out today that says Mr. Dix' lead over Ms. Clark is miniscule.

Or some such thing...


Anonymous said...

Ding dong it won't be long till the wicked butch is gone.


scotty on Denman said...

Bing Bong...