Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Adjuster.


'The Adjuster' is an early movie from Atom Egoyan who, weirdly enough, went to high school with my wife.

But that's not the real life part of this post.

Instead, the reality is provided by Ian Reid, who has to adjust all the time.

Much moreso than most of the rest of us.

Ian's latest real life story is here.

I like this part best:

...When people tell me take one day at a time, I turn the internal volume control way down. One day at a time doesn’t make much sense to me when I’m trying to figure out if I can book a vacation with the husband six months in the future. Worse, for me the contradiction between the two just leads to despair.

But “adjust”, that I can get behind. You’re not dead yet so adjust to it. When I tweak things along those lines I tend to rediscover what it is I really love about life. Like the daily calls with the husband, like cooking, like a really rich novel. Like writing a blog post...

That post, from Ian, is worth the read.

Much more worthwhile, in fact, than just about anything you will find in the local Sunday paper this morning.



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