Wednesday, March 14, 2012

But...Can She See Mumbai From Her House?


Imagine hearing the following shouted, word-by-word, in talk jockette-shrieker mode:

"Now!....We!!....Have a chance!!!...To build!!!!.....INDIA!!!!"

Taken at face value, the sound bite, which seems to have only been picked up by the (nolongerso)Giant98, is itself bad enough.

But given Ms. Clark's other South Asian story of late, I smell deflector spin at work as Mr. Hochstein's negative 3rd party ads take flight on the wings of the wurlitzer.



Don F. said...

Now there's a fine idea!
She and Pamela can have residenses there and toga parties. Wow this all sounds such great fun.

West End Bob said...

Like that link to the (nolongso) Giant98 story, RossK!

Looks like the Goodship Watercarrier's gunwales are taking on water, eh? Sure haven't missed their spin the past couple of years myself.

heh, heh, heh . . . .

RossK said...

Don F--

Are you sure that the princesses and princelings don't have an offshore lair or seven for just such purposes?


Ian Reid has more on that topic, specifically as it pertains to the Goodship


Interior Roy said...

Those three offices in the Punjab, who will be running them Basi, Virk and Basi. Get them out of Canada before an investigation on the sale of B C R. Just a rant on my part. They wouldn t do that would they.

RossK said...


Fact of the matter is, despite Ms. Clark's statements, two of the three cities where trade offices are to be located will not even be in the Punjab region - although that is based on my high-school geography.

I would be happy to hear from folks who know the region more intimately than I (or Ms. Clark, I suspect).