Wednesday, March 14, 2012

At Least Now We Know How Much It Costs...


....To Get The Lotuslandian ProMedia's Attention

...(Phil) Hochstein said his (Contruction Company Lobby) group didn't consult with the Liberals on the ad, and he defends the allegation that Dix "forged" the memo (to protect his former boss, then Premier Glen Clark).

"Someone backdates a memo in a criminal investigation — what else are you supposed to call it?" snaps Hochstein, who said his organization is spending "less than $100,000" on the ad blitz — with possibly more ads to come...


Mr. Dix is going to have to deal with the memo thing.

But I assume that Michael Smyth et al., who covered the story then and who could cover the story now, anytime they want to, have details imprinted on their amygdalas.


Why, exactly, do they have to wait for Phil Hochstein's high-five-figure dog-whistle to snap to attention?

I mean, is that what it takes - negative attack ads to get the proMedia to actually pay attention? If that's the case, we really are doomed.

And, on a related front, why are Snooki and/ The Birdman too gutless to blow it themselves in the first place?

The whistle, I mean?




North Van's Grumps said...

And if Christy Clark would just get along and call that Royal Commission to look into the Sale of BC Rail, we might might end up having a few possibilities of creating NEW advertisements of just who leaked Cabinet documents, before the next Provincial Election.

Anonymous said...

This is Canada's Super PAC in action.

Phil Hochstein has been leading 3rd party spending for the BC Liberals since at least the pro-HST lobby group, if not before.

RossK said...

What'you talkin' about NVG?

After all, this is not a reality-based administration we're talking about here.

How else can one explain why, as Anon-Above says, they must rely on Super-Pacs by any other name to do their dog-whistlin' dirty-workin'...


cfvua said...

With the Falcon and the Hoch in your arsenal, what else do you need? Not to mention Progressive Agent K and Gassy Gwynn. Reminds me of the Mongols using raptors for hunting.
Great if you're not just a fox trying to make a living.