Friday, March 16, 2012

Wonder If The Birdman Wants To Send The Judges To...

...His Highly-Concentrated Northern Relocation Camps Too?


Well, it would appear that, based on the reporting of The Globe's S.Dhillon and J.Hunter, dem judges, dey gettin' uppity:

Asserting that the judicial branch must remain independent of policies that “could control or manipulate proceedings,” British Columbia’s top three judges have delivered a thinly veiled rebuke to the Liberal government’s justice-reform initiative.

Their comments raise questions about what impact the review can have, mere weeks after it was announced....

{snippety doo-dah}

...(I)n a five-page letter released Thursday, Chief Justice Lance Finch, Chief Justice Robert Bauman, and Chief Judge Thomas Crabtree took aim at the review and shot back at government’s claim that judges are hiding behind a shield of independence.

“The public could not have confidence in the independence and impartiality of the courts if others, outside the judicial branch, could control or manipulate proceedings by interfering in any of these functions,” the letter read. “A judge cannot be independent if the necessary support staff is unavailable, or is subject to the control of and accountable to others.”...


Maybe the (not)Premier herself should overrule her very fine, sharp-as-a-tic-tac AG, who it has been rumoured has already headed home to start laying out the camping tents up north, and instead sic her new Attack Dog....errrr....Communications Director, with the gleaming canines on them there marauding magistrates.


If that were to happen, it might even make the nut on next week's edition of 'MANswers' rather than just the raw feed from local Global TeeVee.


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Anonymous said...

I read sometime back. China is sending their people to school to learn English. China owns BC mines and they are bringing their own people to work those mines.

Same with the oil sands. Harper is permitting China to buy up the tar sands. China is bringing their own people, to work there vast oil sands projects. China does not refined oil. They can pay their own people starvation wages, to do the refining in China.

So much for Christy saying, she will have to import foreigners to work all the thousands of jobs, she has talked about. She doesn't want people on social assistance, working all BC's vast resources. I think Christy's imported workers, will be mostly Chinese.

China refuses to pay Canadian wages. The refuse to comply with Canadian laws and work regulations. I"m pretty sure Christy's foreign workers, will be Chinese.