Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Morning Ride.


Came out of the woods by the daycares this morning.

As I waited to cross the street while the German SUV's dropped off the highschool kids who live 600 yards away I noticed one of the young guys I work with.

He was carrying his little girl, a toddler now, on his shoulders.

No big deal.

But then I remembered that I used to be that guy carrying my little girl into Chuva.

So near, and so far away now.

Time really does fly.



paul said...

Way too fast, sometimes. (Jody's booked her first accordion gig for next week, at a local restaurant. Upstairs neighbours are the owners and hear her playing.)

RossK said...


Give me a time or three when it doesn't go way too fast, would'ya.

'Cause I need to find me a couple of them.



As to this accordian gig....Frankie's Gun by chance?

'Tis very easy....


Speaking of accordians....if you haven't listened to this guy before, you should...Here's a direct link, which might cause you some problems with the download, but you can also get it for free at I tunes....

Marc Maron interviewing Al Yankovic!