Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Is There Nothing The Harper-Cons Won't Do With Phones?


"It appears that the CPC has engaged in other scam practices with phones. It's not enough that companies were paid (more on that below) to contact voters and *prank* them with harassing calls, while pretending to be the other parties.

It engineered a campaign to call voters on Election Day, claim to be representing Elections Canada and deliberately direct them to a wrong location that was ^NOT a polling station. This Rovian tactic is called voter suppression. It is a criminal act for people to impersonate EC staff.

Now it appears the CONtempt Party has been trying to pressure and scam vulnerable elders to donate money to it...."


What will the response be?

"The other guys do it too!"

Which, of course will be shouted and spewed from rooftops and killing floors, both, by surrogates and shillophants until the cows come home and/or the microphones are turned off for the weekend.


It works:

"...Most Canadians believe Liberals (55%) and Conservatives (63%) are likely to provide false and misleading information to voters through telephone calls with pre-recorded messages during a political campaign..."

And why does it work?

Well, I'd like to suggest that it has a whole lot to do with the fact that the proMedia just keeps on playing the 'he said/she said' game, straight-up, despite the overwhelming evidence of extreme asymmetrical bouts of ethical phone screw-overs by one specific side.




lenin's ghost said...

It's long overdue to ban robocalls. Period. For any purpose.

It is a form of harassment in my personal life.
Many times I receive phone messages of great importance and wade through to get to them. During the civic election I received so many Anton calls I was tempted to have the evil hag charged with harassment! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!

North Van's Grumps said...

In the Vancouver Sun this morning, in an article called Investigators follow digital trail....... they wrote: "If the customer logged on to PayPal from a traceable address, Mathews could file another order on the corresponding Internet service provider and obtain the name of the account holder."

Who is Mathews?

Is Mathews an Election Canada investigator?

bewlay said...

Sometimes things come along and you think, that can't be true or you just chalk it up to the ether.
But I'm thinking now that they are more than shillophants.

Goodbye Mary