Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Press Gallery-A-Go-Go...Which Club Is Which?


Remember when Harperland Glimmer Twin #2 had a meltdown with members of the Vancouver Media last week as she repeatedly told said assembled reporters that the (not)Premier would not take their questions because she was not really standing 10 feet away from them.

And throughout it all the Glimmerati kept insisting, as the Vancouver reporters began to bare their backbones, that the real presser would instead be held later that day in Victoria.

Of course, most commenters have focused on the ridiculousness of the emergence of this tried-and-true HarperLand tactic here in Lotuslandia.

But, speaking on PublicEye Radio Sunday, rabble-rouser Allan Warnke made a most interesting point.

Which is that, perhaps, just perhaps, the Club that is the Victoria Press Gallery is nicer and more genteel (and accomodating?) to those in power than are the ink-stained wretches that toil in Vancouver.


If that is, indeed, the case, is that the real reason that the Glimmerati would not allow the (not)Premier to field non-softballs on the eastern shores of the Straight of Georgia?

In case you missed it the first time 'round, you can watch a re-run the meltdown of all that glitters, here...
Meanwhile, in related entertainment news, John Doyle of the Globe's not-quite-ready-for-TMZ section reckons that, although there is no evidence that Glimmer Twin #2 has joined Bad Company, she has now most definitely become a shooting star...


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