Friday, March 09, 2012

Christy And The Cons...If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em....



Premier Christy Clark will be in Ottawa Friday morning, giving the opening remarks at the 2012 Manning Networking Conference.

Organized by Preston Manning’s Manning Centre for Building Democracy, the conference is billed on its website as “a conservative family reunion”. And with a speaker’s like Guy Giorno, Tom Long, Richard Ciano and Chuck Strahl the weekend conference is veritable who’s who of the Canadian right.

The appearance will put Clark before national leaders, allowing her an opportunity to try and move the discussion back to her preferred topics of jobs and the economy. More importantly, though, it will also allow her to again try to establish her credentials on the right — something she will need to do a lot in the days ahead, given the vote split she’s facing with the BC Conservatives.

In her speech, Clark is expected to talk about her recent belt-tightening budget, to tout the B.C. jobs plan and to promote her strategy for exporting LNG to Asia.

Clark will be going to Ottawa with her chief of staff, Ken Boessenkool, and is expected to also meet with some federal counterparts on official government business....


Christy and Preston sitting in a tree....

And/or an Ottawa hotel ballroom where the usual suspects will then soon get back to work fiddling with our democracy to make sure the world is safe for theirs while everything else burns.

Or some such thing.

And in case you were wondering about all those usual suspects, Alison has the lowdown....And if you are reading this after 3pm on Friday and you need a drinking game, try to figure out which one is Keyser Soze...



Alison said...

Vancouver Sun : "British Columbia Premier Christy Clark, whose senior officials are former Harper aides, and Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak were some of the prominent faces to attend the opening reception for the Manning Networking Conference.


Fun Fact : Christy's Principal Secretary and ADM of Trade and Intergovernmental Relations,Dimitri Pantazopoulos, was one of the 5 presenters at the 2010 Manning Centre campaign managers program that so offended John Fryer.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. Boessenkool sitting with Harper, in the Enbridge tree.

kootcoot said...

Come on Ross, we always knew these assholes weren't Liberals. They'll call themselves anything if it will help them win so they can loot the province and the taxpayers!

RossK said...

Thanks Alison.

Anon-- Based on the data so far, it's pretty hard to disagree.



We knew.

But now it is becoming crystal clear to all small 'l' liberals in this province.


Anonymous said...

Yep and the trojan horse is patiently waiting in the stable.

It's a real mean machine.

RossK said...


Horse 1A?

Or do you have another claimer in mind?