Saturday, March 17, 2012

If You Were Paying Attention To The News You Could See The Suppression Happening In Real Time


In the wake of Terry Milewski's blockbuster CBC report of deliberate attempts to defraud voters in 31 ridings earlier this week, North Van's Grumps, with a little help from Dave, discovered that two voters from opposite ends of the country made a bit of a fuss about this in the last few days BEFORE the election on May 2nd of last year.


It turns out that reports of attempts to mislead and/or defraud voters were not restricted to just-below-the-surface websites like '800 Notes' way back when.

Because they were also sprinkled throughout the mainstream media.

Alison has the story of six reports that noted significant voter complaints of misleading and harassing calls in fifteen ridings.

All of those reports were published not last week, but instead in May of 2011.

You can read all about the reports in Alison's 'RoboCon Time Capsule'.


So, I once again can't help but wonder if the perpetrators knew there was a significant chance that some of this would come to light down the road and didn't care.

Which is not to say they didn't have their stonewalls, limited hangouts, and pre-packaged scapegoats in place and at the ready just in case.

Which brings me back to that old Watergate saw that some in the Media may want to start considering as they begin, like McGregor, Maher and Milewski, to dig deeper:

"It's not the crime that will get you in the end....It's the cover-up."



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